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The presence of bed bugs is no surprise these days as there is an increase in the number of people affected by allergies. However, bed bugs have been causing a lot of problems in cities especially in major urban centers. As the world gets urbanized, bed bugs are becoming the prime concern. These pests thrive in many areas in our cities and feed on human blood.

If you have recently had a visit to a city, chances are high that you came home with bed bugs in your bed. Bed bugs are small, dark, oval, light brown insects with oval shaped bodies only about an inch in length. They are often found under your bed, in the seams of your bed, and even inside your pillow cases.

The eggs of bed bugs are hard to detect but can be detected when you wake up in the morning. When they hatch, the babies (nymphs) come out to feed on your blood. In most cases they will lay up to 200 eggs in a single day.

Adult bedbugs have short oval shaped bodies with rounded heads. They have six legs, each of which is capable of crawling. When a person sleeps these creatures will lie in the crevices in the walls, bed frames, and underneath pillows, on the mattress, and under mattresses. They can even be found in your bed sheets.

To be able to successfully get rid of bed bugs, it is first important to eliminate any possible source of these insects. It may be necessary to check your bedding, bed skirts, bed sheets, and mattresses to make sure there is not any evidence of infestation.

You can also purchase bug spray, powder, or foam that can be used on bed linens and mattresses that may be infested. Vacuum the bed thoroughly after each use of bug spray or powder. Vacuum the entire mattress after using foam or bug spray if you believe there is no possible infestation.

Bed bug sprays, powders and bug dust are the most common treatments available to fight against the pesky pests. One spray is enough to treat the entire room, although some may need two to three sprays. To prevent the spread of bed bugs, vacuuming more often is also recommended to ensure that the bed is completely cleaned.

In case the infestation is too large to handle on your own, the best solution is to call a professional exterminator. However, these pests are not hard to eradicate and can be effectively eradicated by employing the above measures. Be sure to contact a pest control company that specializes in bed bugs if you are having difficulty removing the bugs from your bed.

Although there are many options available to get rid of bed bugs, it is essential that you first get the right bedding materials. It is not only unsightly to have these bugs on your bed, it is also an uncomfortable and sometimes life-threatening situation for you and your family. There is nothing more depressing than being forced to sleep in a miserable bed because of bed bugs! Therefore, it is best to get rid of your bed bugs the right way, by buying new bedding materials.

When choosing bedding materials, ensure that the sheets, pillow cases, duvet coverings, comforters and other bedding are hypoallergenic. These products should be free of any chemical residues or insecticides. that could potentially affect your health. These include cedar wood comforters, quilts, down comforters, synthetic material, and flannel bedding. For your bed sheets, choose natural colors such as white, natural colors such as ivory, and off-white.

Another option is to buy a bed bug dust, powder, which is usually composed of aluminum powder, borax, and cornstarch. Dusting bedding on a regular basis can help to keep bedbugs from breeding. The powder will attract bedbugs to your bed and kill them in their cribs.

Other options include bed bug dusts that contain pyrethrin, which are also a pyrethrin product, and pyrethrum. For your mattress, these products work in a similar fashion to bed bug dust.

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